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- About The Brand -

The Project


Three women with a single idea and an immense passion for perfumery together with the collaboration of expert friends from the perfume world have created “Teatro Fragranze Uniche”. A limited edition of perfumes created by Master Perfumer Sileno Cheloni using a combination of innovative techniques and the ancient traditions of the Florentine Masters. Sileno began his journey in the world of perfume after an encounter with a Sufi Master in the Middle East. He then furthered his studies in Grasse where he learnt the art of creating scents with precious essential oils and rare raw materials. His encounter with Roja Dove in London, world renowned perfumer, further confirmed his success. “The objective of Teatro Fragranze Uniche has just been to create in houses, businesses and offices a perfume which identifies that place, creating a multisense experience: visual, scent, tactile, able to fix an image in the memory by the fragrance”.